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Agustín Ortiz

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Without falling into self-biography, I would like to mention that, since I first heard the word Biodanza, back in 2003, I was drawn to it, without even knowing what it was. Since then, I have been receiving it on a regular basis, facilitating and benefiting from it.


An engineer turned into a nomad

Tel: 659 320 828

Email: agustinortiz@biodanzar.com


⇒ Telecommunications Engineer. Technical School of Engineering. Madrid (Spain).

⇒ Master of Science (Computer Science). Stanford University (California).

⇒ Master of Communications Systems and Networks. Technical School of Engineering. Madrid (Spain)

⇒ Degree in Mathematics. Universidad Autónoma. Madrid (Spain).


⇒ Biodanza Didacta, Rolando Toro System

⇒ Biodanza Facilitator, Rolando Toro System, Escuela Hispánica de Biodanza. Madrid (Spain).

⇒ Trained in the following extensions:

        Biodanza and the Four Elements

        Biodanza and Massage

        Biodanza in Water

        Biodanza and the Major Tarot Arcana

        Biodanza, Voice, Music and Percussion

⇒ Previously trained as Biodanza Facilitator, Javier de la Sen System.

⇒ Facilitator thesis: Biodanza and the Twelve Steps. (In Spanish).

Biodanza Player: Genesis and Horizon

Biodanza Player was developed initially by my own personal needs and later, over the following four years, I kept expanding its capabilities and functionalities, to finally become the complete and useful application, which is today, thanks to the collaboration of several people, linked to the Escuela Hispanical of Biodanza of Madrid.

Biodanza Player is a live project, which means, it keeps growing and evolving over time. In the near future there will be versions in several languages, working in Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

My aspiration is that Biodanza Player becomes a tool commonly used by the Facilitators and promoted by Training Schools around the world.

biodanzar.com grupo al amanecer

Many people have contributed their ideas and experience to this project. With the idea of not leaving anyone out, I would like to highlight the participation of:

♥ Maite Bernardelle, who always believed in this project.

♥ Soraya Peramo, Lagrimas Alvarez and Angelica Scotti, for their initial contributions to the project.

♥ Concha Gonzalez, for her ideas that, although difficult to implement, finally made a great contribution to the visual presentation of the different screens.

♥ To some of you, facilitators who, with their suggestions, have made that Biodanza Player be practical, useful and easy to use.