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What is Biodanza Player Web?

The program or application Biodanza Player Web (BPW) is a tool that allows Biodanza facilitators (Rolando Toro System) to prepare and edit classes quickly and comfortably, and then be able to impart them from any device (fixed or mobile), without the need to transport bulky and heavy equipment. By installing Biodanza Player on more than one device, information can be exchanged from one device to another.

BPW is a universal version of previous versions of Biodanza Player, which works on any fixed device (Windows or Apple) or mobile (Android, iPhone or iPad) device. You can exchange information from one device to another and does NOT require an internet connection

Main Characteristics

♦ Easy and quick operation of the application via the touch screen (or mouse).

♦ Quick search of exercises by group or by name.

♦ Search for the music corresponding to each exercise, according to the official CIMEB 2012 and CIMEB AE 2018 casts or freely.

♦ Searches for music by title, interpreter/composer, album, genre, personal tag or file name.

♦ Editing and reproduction of classes.

♦ Easy to export the classes to text format and to be able to print, edit and store them away on a computer.

♦ Complete information of each exercise: name, description, directions and video.

♦ Classification of each music song according to the preferences of the facilitator (personal tag).

♦ Other music can be added according to the preferences of the facilitator, incorporating the information (album, genre, etc.) that already own those songs.

♦ Other exercises can be added for, for example, extensions.


It is used with the 1,586 songs from the BIODANZAYA 5.0 collection, including the lists R TORO 2009, CIMEB 2012, CIMEB AE 2018, Compartidas and Experimental.

♦ High quality mp3 music (75% of the songs), encoded at 320kbps.

♦ Features more than 300 exercises described in the CIMEB 2012 and CIMEB AE 2018 documents.

♦ Music can be added, in unlimited quantity.

♦ Exercises can be added, in unlimited quantity.

♦ You can store an unlimited number of classes.

♦ Videos of the most significant exercises. (By Helene Levy Benseft).

NOTE: The limit is imposed by the storage capacity of the device.

How does Biodanza Player work?

Biodanza Player Web uses the device's touch screen to locate exercises or music by simply touching the screen (or keyboard or mouse). At the same time, it makes available to the user all the programming power based on a modern general-purpose programming language, to help the facilitator in the preparation and reproduction of classes.

Biodanza Player Web provides an agile, fast and efficient mechanism to search and find an exercise or music in a few seconds, when, for example, the facilitator must change on the fly and propose an exercise or music different than the one programmed.

What devices Biodanza Player run on?

Biodanza Player Web works on all types of devices (computers and tablets or mobile phones) with any operating system.

It is therefore possible to use the most suitable device for our needs, always having the power and ease of use of Biodanza Player Web. By using it on two (or more) devices, you can exchange information between them, so classes can be prepared on one device and delivered on another.

Who should use Biodanza Player?

Biodanza Player Web is suitable for both the novice facilitator and the experienced one, because it is an orthodox, open system that grows over time.

Why is Biodanza Player Web suitable for the novice facilitator?

Biodanza Player Web allows the rapid preparation of classes, since all the information is available: description of each exercise and music recommended by CIMEB for each exercise, which allows guaranteeing and maintaining the orthodoxy of the Biodanza system.

Indispensable for the experienced facilitator

Biodanza Player Web is an open system that grows over time. The experienced facilitator can incorporate their own music songs and classify them to their personal taste for a quick and personalized search. He/she can also incorporate new exercises for extensions, for example.

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There are two versions of Biodanza Player:

Θ Biodanza Player Web

       Θ Biodanza Player Web 2009

silueta biodanzar.com
Biodanzaplayer web 2009

Biodanza Player Web 2009 is a reduced version of BPW, suitable for the novice facilitator or for methodology students from Biodanza schools. It contains the IBF music collection, made up of 471 songs, in a very good quality version (mp3, encoded at 320kbps, mostly) and the RT 2009 cast exercises. Both features guarantee total orthodoxy with the SRT system. .

Contains most of the features of the full version, such as creating groups and classes, searching for exercises and music, teaching classes, etc.


50 € (Free for students of any Biodanza School and members of BiodanzaYa).


BPW 2009 can run on any device, among those mentioned below, with at least 2.5GB of free memory.

Fixed devices: Windows computer or Apple MacBook.

Mobile devices: Android or Apple phone or tablet (iPhone or iPad). (May require prior download of an HTML reader).

I would appreciate it if you could send me your name, telephone number and email address by filling out the form that you will find in Contact, certifying if you are a student of a Biodanza School or a member of BiodanzaYa.

I will provide you with the download link

Biodanzaplayer web 2009

It is the complete and universal version of Biodanza Player Web (BPW). It runs on computers with the Windows or Apple operating system, on mobile devices (phones, tablets) both Android and Apple. Installing Biodanza Player Web on various devices (for example: computer and mobile), they can exchange information between them so that a Biodanza class can be prepared on the computer and imparted on the mobile (or vice versa). They can also serve as safety storage (backup). It comes integrated with almost 100 videos of Helene Levy Benseft.


€265 (€250 for students of any Biodanza School and members of BiodanzaYa).

NOTE: This amount is per license (user); that is, with a single license, BPW can be installed on all the devices of the same user.


Any device, from those mentioned below, with at least 16GB of free memory.

Fixed devices: Windows computer or Apple MacBook.

Mobile devices: Android or Apple phone or tablet (iPhone or iPad). (May require prior download of an HTML reader).